Day 1: And he’s already up to his old tricks…again…

I am trying to remind myself that it’s not the regular season yet, but I still found myself text-messaging my brother yesterday with those familiar words:

"Buehrle is already at it again."

Iknow it’s just the first day of spring training. But when your line
reads "2.0 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 0 K" it annoys me. Perhaps it’s
just my knee-jerk reaction from last year’s collapse. Perhaps I’ll just
have to retrain myself and remember that two years ago Mark Buehrle was
the anchor to a very strong pitching rotation. Perhaps I’ll just remind
myself that Jon Garland had a worse day yesterday, and that despite one
bad day Garland is still the same man that has won 36 games over the
past two seasons.

Remember, it’s just the first day of spring training.

Ha. Yeah, right.

Bobby Jenks is feeling tightness in his shoulder. Ozzie Guillen and the rest of Chicago is currently feeling a bit of tightness a bit farther south on the body.

I just saw that the Rockies had six 2-out RBI in yesterday’s game. Just
remember to breathe…and it’s still only the first day of spring
training games…there’s always today…

In other news,
I just saw that the Cardinals nearly blew a final inning lead to
Florida Atlantic University. I’m glad to see that everyone in the
majors is up to their old tricks again, not just the White Sox.

The forecast
for Tucson today: 62 degrees and sunny. The weather currently on the
other side of the wall here in Chicago? 40 degrees, rain and wind. I
guess we know where the lion and the lamb are at currently.

Just remember, it’s still only March 1st…


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