Odds and ends…

First off, I put up a few photos of the Opening Day trip. I’ll have a few more after I get done editing the photos.

And now…

HIT THE **** BALL!!!

And it’s not even that the White Sox are having that much trouble hitting…it’s the stringing together of three or four hits in an inning that is giving them trouble. The Tribune posted a staggering bit of information that I will repeat for your viewing pleasure (or horror, depending on your perspective of things):

Tadahito Iguchi: No multi-hit games this year
Joe Crede: No extra-base hits this year
A.J. Pierzynski: 5-for-34, one multi-hit game this year
Jim Thome: 13 Ks this year
Jermaine Dye: 10 Ks this year

I added Thome’s and Dye’s numbers for good measure. The team as a whole has struck out 76 times while collecting 78 hits. This is a staggering ratio. Their overall on-base/strikeout ratio is 1.75 (including walks and hit batsmen).

That being said, the pitchers have a season ERA of 3.54. The ERA has decreased every day except for one since opening day.

Quod erat demonstratum. Which is Latin for, "HIT THE **** BALL!!!"


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